The price of books

Last week I read an interesting article by Mark Coker, the founder of Smashwords, on what he expects to be the big publishing trends in 2017. Smashwords is an online platform for distributing independently published e-books. As such, the article has a strong focus on the year’s forecast for the indie book market, and in … More The price of books

The Blog is Back

The thing about a break is it gives you a new perspective. I’ve been thinking about where I was when I started when paper met pen in August 2015, and how much I’ve learned since then about writing, about the process of pitching and dealing with publishers, and about the book community more broadly. Learning … More The Blog is Back

Writer’s Envy

People talk a lot about writer’s block but they don’t talk so much about writer’s envy, which is surely something many writers struggle with. Oh there’s a lot of it around! For years, when I was trying to finish a novel to a point that I was happy with it, I ached with envy for … More Writer’s Envy

Why are there so many dead parents in young adult fiction?

I was lying in bed this morning trying to remember the last young adult novel I read in which the main character didn’t have at least one dead or dramatically absent parent. I couldn’t think of one. Here’s my list of recent YA reading (mostly by Australian authors): Talk under water (which I just started) … More Why are there so many dead parents in young adult fiction?

Book review: The incredible adventures of Cinnamon Girl

This book is great! I loved it! This review will be really short due to the fact that while I’m writing I’m also simultaneously cooking dinner and looking after a small person, but here goes: I loved the fabulous cover art. I loved the ballsy main character. I loved her circle of wonderful friends. I … More Book review: The incredible adventures of Cinnamon Girl