This is how it is

This week is mental health week here in Australia. There’s been a bunch of stuff happening at my work – free boxing and Pilates classes, posters up everywhere about committing to take time out for yourself, seminars on organisational awareness (whatever that means) and how to look after yourself if you’re caring or someone with … More This is how it is

This imperfect life

It’s 2am and the baby is awake. I’m walking up and down the corridor carrying him, trying not to trip on strewn blocks and books and clothes and pencils and trucks. Even in the semi-darkness the house is unmanaged chaos. And I really, really, really want to go back to sleep. But the baby is … More This imperfect life

On telling the past

I avoided Australian history at school, as much as I could. I found it boring. I liked learning about the Russian Revolution, about Classical Greece, about the manoeuvring of European states between the First and Second World Wars, about the Industrial Revolution. Big stuff. Stuff with capital letters. It didn’t seem that anything much had … More On telling the past

On forgetting

People joke about baby-brain. When you have a baby, according to the baby-brain theory, you become prone to forget things. Okay, so at points late in my pregnancy and soon after my son was born I may have had trouble remembering my own name. Justifiably, I think. Because at those times the world recedes to … More On forgetting

On beginning

I love beginnings. I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t. And I don’t just like to start something, I like to start it from scratch. It is a reality of our age that many of us start anew, often. We move jobs, we move houses, or cities, or countries. We start relationships and end them and … More On beginning