Why I am a bad blogger

If there are ‘rules’ for blogging, I tend to break them.

I don’t publish to a regular schedule. Some weeks I manage to write a bunch of posts, some weeks none at all.

I don’t write about a narrowly-targeted subject that is of interest to a specific audience. I mostly write about whatever I feel like at the time, which is often broadly writing- or reading-related.

Sometimes I feel like I have no particular idea what I’m going to say but make myself write anyway; other times I wake up with the post half-formed already in my head and just have to get it down.

I rarely include images, only occasionally link to previous blogs, haven’t gotten around to guest-blogging.

I’ve written posts that I’m really happy with, and I’ve written things I feel kind of embarrassed about.

Some of this is just down to logistics.

My writing schedule has to grabbed around my son’s sleeping schedule, which varies. Also, blogging is, for me, secondary. My most important work is writing/editing/pitching my novels, and at times that work becomes so intense that everything else has to stop. I didn’t write a single blog post for a couple of months when I was editing The Space Between, but I was working at a fever-pitch that still makes me buzz when I think about it.

I almost stopped blogging after that. I have so little time and a queue of impatient stories in my head and I worry that the blogging is a waste of my time, but the truth is, I enjoy it. And I think it’s good for me. It keeps me writing, and gives me a format to articulate and test ideas. It keeps me honest.

Hopefully I also provide things that are of interest to other people – reviews, thoughts, suggestions, encouragement. But mostly I do it for myself. And I’ve decided I’m okay with that.

What kind of blogger are you, if you blog? And what keeps you going?

(See, I did that thing they say you should do where you ask a question at the end and invite people to respond. I guess some advice I’ve read has sunk in!)


3 thoughts on “Why I am a bad blogger

  1. Like you, I am a sporadic blogger. I mostly publish short fiction pieces and try to only blog when I feel like it so I don’t get burned out on ‘marketing’.

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