Every morning I check the news to see if the world’s ending.

The funny thing is – that isn’t the first thing I do. It’s about the fifth.

The order usually goes: Facebook. Email. Twitter. WordPress. Then ABC news for word on any impending apocalypse.

Probably if the world was ending it would have been picked up by one of my social networks anyway.

I’d be pre-warned by a bunch of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy-themed memes (because who does the end of the world better than Douglas Adams?) or an address by some head of state or other with a bazillion angry face and sad face reactions, or a YouTube video of Stephen Hawking explaining how it’s all going down. The Dalai Lama would surely have something to say.

But before I get to that, I want the rest.

I want to know what my friends, loved ones, distant family members, passing acquaintances, and completely random internet people have been eating, drinking, watching on telly.

I want to see their children grow.

I want to know what books they’re reading and what they think of them and how little sleep they’ve been getting.

I want to know if they have recently tried to assemble furniture from IKEA while drunk or bake a sponge cake or if they have taken a holiday.

I want to hear them complain about the weather.

I want random tweeps to make me giggle or hmm.

I want to read something unexpectedly profound, something that makes me feel that zap of recognition that can strike out of the blue via words on a screen.

I do worry though, you know, about the way things are going.

So it may be fourth or fifth on my list but I always check the actual news too, just to be sure.


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