On first drafts

Have you ever had a night like this? You’re tired but your friends drag you out anyway so you accidentally skip dinner and drink instead and you end up getting terribly drunk and doing one million embarrassing things that you will never live down so you burn with shame when you think of them, and … More On first drafts

Finding your motivation for Nanowrimo and beyond

I was sitting in front of some uni students on the bus yesterday and listening to them talk. (I’m a writer! It’s called research!) They were having a conversation about grades, and one of them was saying how happy she was she’d finally broken through and gotten a High Distinction after a long string of … More Finding your motivation for Nanowrimo and beyond

Writer’s Envy

People talk a lot about writer’s block but they don’t talk so much about writer’s envy, which is surely something many writers struggle with. Oh there’s a lot of it around! For years, when I was trying to finish a novel to a point that I was happy with it, I ached with envy for … More Writer’s Envy

Why are there so many dead parents in young adult fiction?

I was lying in bed this morning trying to remember the last young adult novel I read in which the main character didn’t have at least one dead or dramatically absent parent. I couldn’t think of one. Here’s my list of recent YA reading (mostly by Australian authors): Talk under water (which I just started) … More Why are there so many dead parents in young adult fiction?

Positive feedback for The Space Between – huzzah!

I’m sharing the most recent feedback I’ve received on my yet-to-be-published contemporary YA novel The Space Between. The Space Between is the story of a girl whose life unravels after her best friend goes missing in mysterious circumstances. I wrote a post a few weeks ago about how I’m finding the process of pitching my … More Positive feedback for The Space Between – huzzah!


Every morning I check the news to see if the world’s ending. The funny thing is – that isn’t the first thing I do. It’s about the fifth. The order usually goes: Facebook. Email. Twitter. WordPress. Then ABC news for word on any impending apocalypse. Probably if the world was ending it would have been … More DON’T PANIC