Book review: The incredible adventures of Cinnamon Girl

cinThis book is great! I loved it! This review will be really short due to the fact that while I’m writing I’m also simultaneously cooking dinner and looking after a small person, but here goes:

I loved the fabulous cover art. I loved the ballsy main character. I loved her circle of wonderful friends. I loved her Mum, who got drunk and sang. I loved how fun the story was, and how much heart it had, without being cheesy or feeling unreal. I loved that it had the apocalypse and bakeries and romance and heartache and some really great dresses. I loved that it was set in an Australian country town that felt real and recognisable. I loved the way the story was told, the voice of Alba tugging you along with her so you always needed to know more. I loved the happy ending!

This is a wonderful book.  It made me giggle quietly on the couch and cry a little bit and then giggle some more. I read it in almost one sitting.

Get it people!

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