Book review: The incredible adventures of Cinnamon Girl

This book is great! I loved it! This review will be really short due to the fact that while I’m writing I’m also simultaneously cooking dinner and looking after a small person, but here goes: I loved the fabulous cover art. I loved the ballsy main character. I loved her circle of wonderful friends. I … More Book review: The incredible adventures of Cinnamon Girl

Book review: One would think the deep by Claire Zorn

In the opening scene of Claire Zorn’s award-winning YA contemporary novel, the main character Sam is in a hospital feeding coins into a payphone that’s eating them just as fast. He’s trying to contact his aunty Lorraine who he hasn’t seen in years, but who he hopes will let him come and stay. His mum … More Book review: One would think the deep by Claire Zorn

We rearranged the furniture and maybe you should too

Like a lot of people, I don’t much like change. Particularly when it’s sprung on me without notice and for no apparently good reason, and when it involves work or other inconveniences on my part. So it wasn’t something I’d have ever thought to do, but yesterday afternoon, approximately an hour before people were due … More We rearranged the furniture and maybe you should too


It would suck being a writer and being an extrovert. Think about it – as a writer, your job description involves sitting for hours and hours alone, or as near to it as you can get, and writing. Interaction equals distraction equals procrastination equals no words equals failure as a writer. I’m sure there are … More Introversion

Sunday progress update

  This update is a few months coming, so I’ll keep it brief but comprehensive. Crossing the finish line! I’ve declared my young adult novel, working title The Space Between, done. I went through three rounds of feedback from 2 – 3 readers each time, and subsequent revisions. I made some really big changes – … More Sunday progress update


My mother taught me to drink it by the gallon, a flood of dirty brown the best accompaniment to tiredness boredom grief conversation the passage of time.   In case of shock, add sugar.   While some warm the pot and measure the leaves, I dunk bags bought by the hundred in a box of … More Tea

Banning the C-word

The C-word. It’s getting out of control. I’m using it twenty, thirty times a day. I’m using it when other words could take its place: better, more colourful, kinder words. I’m using it when I really don’t need to. One of the scariest things about being a parent is how your reflexes take over and … More Banning the C-word