Snippet Sunday #8 – The River’s Dark

It’s a cool, grey, rainy Mother’s Day here in Canberra. And what is the best possible thing to do on such a day? Read!

Lucky for you it’s Snippet Sunday, which means it’s time for the next installment of The River’s Dark.

In last week’s snippet, Wade was astounded, and Lyria hugely relieved, to discover Bray alive and well. On questioning, Zara admitted that she had helped in Bray’s recovery through use of a Darkstone…

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Zara nodded.  ‘I wasn’t supposed to use it, ever, but I couldn’t…’ She glanced across at where Bray was propped up on the sleeping roll. He made something like a smile in response. ‘I couldn’t let him die if I could save him,’ she continued, her steady dark eyes meeting Wade’s gaze, her voice stronger now.

‘A Darkstone…’ Wade said again, frowning, as though the fact were still sinking in, like something heavy dropped into deep, still water, settling. ‘Well…’ he breathed.

Lyria had heard of Darkstone. For years, each village had trained the strongest of their people to dive the depths of the river in search of them. The Darkstone were vanishingly rare, tiny, and almost impossible to locate. They looked like any other river stone, almost. Only one specially trained and with inherent talents could locate them, and even fewer could use them. And it was years since any had been found. Their possession had been prohibited throughout the Archipelago by the Sond Council, along with all other artefacts and relics of power.

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