Snippet Sunday #7 – The River’s Dark

The week has poured itself out leaving us stranded, sputtering, and a little confounded, at Sunday again.

Which means – Snippet Sunday! This is a day for writers to share short sections of their works in progress, or tantalize readers with stories ready for wider consumption. To be entertained by more great snippets, or to take the plunge and join in, stop by the Snippet Sunday Facebook Group.

And now, we rejoin Lyria, who is very relieved to find that her brother Bray is alive and well, but now has a lot of questions that need to be answered…

Following on directly from the previous Sunday’s snippet:


In the anxiety and the hurry, Lyria had almost forgotten that she had left Zara there.

‘Zara is it?’ Wade frowned. ‘And what did you do to bring about this remarkable recovery?’

‘Oh, I’m sure he would have been fine –’ Zara protested.

‘And I am sure he would have been dead, my dear. And I seem to be an expert on these matters. I do not understand that he is not. His sister here dosed him with enough Fairbane to kill a wild pig. With the best of intentions of course. So. Tell me. What did you do?’

Zara lowered her gaze. ‘My trainer has some skill as a healer.’

‘As I see.’ Wade waited. ‘You had the antidote then? Just happened to have brought it with you?’


Wade snorted. ‘So then, how?’

Zara hesitated. ‘There are… words. They bring life back to the body.’

‘Words?’ Wade’s voice was incredulous.

‘And this,’ Zara held up a small amulet. It was deep blue, carved into the shape of a fish.

‘A Darkstone?’


23 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday #7 – The River’s Dark

  1. Great snippet. I love his crankiness. (Crotchetyness?) You’re getting me more and more intrigued by the week. When is this going to be finished and available for purchase? (Not that I’m nagging or anything. LOL)

    Liked by 1 person

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