Snippet Sunday #6 – The River’s Dark

As usual, I’m flabbergasted at how quickly the week has passed. It’s Sunday again, which means -Snippet time…

This week follows on fairly closely from last week’s snippet.

Did Lyria make a mistake in trusting Zara? Will the healer reach Bray in time to save him? These questions are about to be answered!

After an agonizing walk back to her quarters, knowing now that Bray’s illness is in part her own fault, Lyria is terrified that they may be too late and her brother may already be dead. Wade, the healer, has been less than reassuring…

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And as always, comments are very welcome 🙂


When they finally reached their destination, before they descended into the small boat that was hers and Bray’s, Wade paused, gripped Lyria’s shoulders and looked her straight in the eyes.

‘Prepare yourself,’ he said. She shivered.

Then he turned away, and, holding the side rail with one hand for balance, lowered himself carefully down the steps and into the dim space below.

She heard him take a sudden breath, and followed as quickly as she could behind.

‘What’s happening? Is he alive?’

‘Very much so,’ Wade’s voice was thick with relief. He had known her and Bray their whole lives, had cared for them since they were tiny. It would have been almost as great a loss to him as to Lyria if Bray had died.

She stood beside Wade and saw what he saw. Bray was sitting up in the bed, his eyes open. He was pale, and his forehead was beaded with sweat, but Lyria saw the brightness in his eyes, and colour beginning to rise in his cheeks. He was very definitely alive.

‘And who might this be?’


‘I am Zara,’ a bright voice sounded, and Zara stepped from behind the curtain that separated the sleeping quarter from their small kitchen.

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