Snippet Sunday #4 – The River’s Dark

It’s Snippet Sunday, a day for writers to share short sections of their stories. In my last snippet, Lyria had realised that she’d made a mistake in how she’d responded to her allotted task of looking after Essena’s niece, Zara. This snippet is a little later in the chapter. Lyria has been unwelcoming and unkind to Zara, who has been sent to stay with them to keep her safe after threats were made against her life. Now Lyria finds herself having to trust Zara with the one thing in the world that matters most to her… Her brother, Bray.

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‘Bray, wake up,’ she shook him harder, rolled him from his side onto his back. His skin was pale and clammy. She held a finger under his nostrils. He was barely breathing.

‘Something’s wrong,’ she said. ‘I need help. Get the healer.’

‘I don’t know…’ Zara began.

Of course she didn’t. She didn’t know anything. It would take her half an hour to locate Wade. Bray could be dead by then.

Lyria shook him again.

‘Let me stay with him. You go,’ Zara said.

Lyria looked up. The other girl met her gaze. Could she trust her, Lyria wondered? To leave her brother in such a state under the care of someone she’d only just met, even if she was Essena’s blood, was not something she would ever normally do.

Zara’s expression was steady and calm. ‘Go,’ she said. ‘I will care for him while you are gone.’

What choice did she have?

Lyria nodded and ran.

23 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday #4 – The River’s Dark

  1. Sounds like she has trust issues, but I don’t blame her. I wouldn’t want to leave my sibling with someone I didn’t trust. Tough call. I could feel her indecision.

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  2. Ah,from last week’s snippet I thought Zara was much younger, this week it’s clearer that she is not a little girl. It would be tough to trust a stranger with the life of someone you love.

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  3. I enjoy scenes like this with hard decisions. At this point, though, I have no idea how her decision will turn out. Zara is being pretty brave, though, because if anything does happen, she’ll get blamed even if it isn’t her fault.


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