732 Days

‘I’m going to disappoint you. But you knew that already.’ She looked up at me with a steady gaze, no sign of fear or mistrust. Even if what she said were true, I knew what I had to do. ‘I’m sorry,’ I angled the knife. But that’s the end of my story. You’d be wanting … More 732 Days

On writing dreams

What the hell happened last night? There was a bus trip and some guy I haven’t seen in years, and a room with too many people in it, and I was getting my hair cut… I woke up exhausted and the day hadn’t even started yet. Dreams can be powerful, memorable, and drenched with meaning. … More On writing dreams


Our morning’s quiet is broken by a raucous screeching. Outside the window I see a flash of white: the cockatoos are about. They fly between the buildings of our apartment complex as though it were a playground, their calls amplified by all that concrete. Sometimes when we’re out walking we meet them at ground level, … More Cockatoos