My blog is having a six month crisis

My blog is six months old. Six months!

Just a baby still, I know.

But on the other hand, in the space of six months I’ve gone from No Blog to Blog. I’ve taken the plunge into a domain name. I’ve grappled with words on the screen. I’ve tried to find images that add something to the words. I’ve also read some fantastic writing on WordPress and followed some bloggers that inspire me, make me think, and make me laugh.Thanks to all of you wonderful people out there who share so much and so honestly.

And I’ve settled into the continual round of wondering: what am I going to write about today?

My initial plan was that I would write whateverthehellIwant and post on Sundays.

I wanted the blog to be a space where I could try out different voices, play with ideas, share a process of learning about writing. Where I could write about writing, or about yoga or walking or cocktails or books or whatever else took my fancy.

Sometimes this figuring out what to write has been fun – like imagining what sort of dessert I might eat (though I also have to cook it for myself). Other-times, like tonight when I’ve just spent two hours trying to put a screaming toddler to bed and now it’s time to write and I have no faith that anyone will read the damn post anyway, it’s oppressive.

So truth is, I’m feeling a little lost; a feeling which is compounded by having two other major writing projects on the go, plus a baby, plus work ramping up towards a very busy six months or so.

And I’ve decided the answer will be: STRUCTURE. (And if structure doesn’t work, I’ll ditch it. It’s my blog, I can do that.)

So here’s the plan:

Wednesdays: I’m going to do a Happy Hump Day post each week, and write about something that makes me happy. Because I can. Because I think spreading happiness is a good thing. I truly do!

Sundays: I’m taking part in Snippet Sundays, and will be posting short snippets of a work in progress and updates on how it’s going.

Writers Toolkit: I will aim to post something substantive related to the craft of writing once a month or so. These posts take me longer to write. They require more research and preparation. They will go into my Writer’s Toolkit, which will build over time and which I hope provide a useful resource for others.

As a fiction writer, I’ve got a big L on my back, and probably will have for decades to come. I’m not writing these Toolkit posts because I’ve got it all figured out but because I’m learning, and this is a way for me to explore, process and share that learning.

Book Reviews: If I read something that I feel strongly about, I’ll post a review. Everything I read I review on Goodreads – (I’m Rachel Sanderson) happy to be your friend there!

So that’s the plan. We’ll see how it pans out. I reserve the right to change the plan at any time without notice. I also reserve the right to post anything else at any time should inspiration strike.

Until Sunday….




3 thoughts on “My blog is having a six month crisis

    1. Thanks! Snippet Sunday’s is a great idea (and not mine!) there’s a Facebook group for it, so you can follow lots of people’s snippets. Lots of fun 😊 I’d post a link but it’s hard because I’m on my iPad, sorry! There’s a link in my Sunday post…

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