A pantser’s guide to manuscript revision

If you’re a pantser like me, revising your manuscript might pose some interesting challenges. For instance, my current MS started as a kind of futuristic/Western/fantasy novel. After a while, the world and the story shifted into focus, and I found myself writing something very different to what I had started. I love having an organic … More A pantser’s guide to manuscript revision

Dear Writer, don’t give up your day job… embrace it!

Are you one of those many writers who dream of writing full-time? (Yes!) Do you sometimes resent the time at your paid work that takes you away from what feels like your real work, i.e. writing? (Yes! Often!) Do you nonetheless need to keep working because of, you know, the fact that writing doesn’t pay, … More Dear Writer, don’t give up your day job… embrace it!

Eight tips for writing from first draft to finished manuscript

Here are eight things that I have learned over the past few years about how to push a writing project through from concept to completion: 1. Work on multiple projects While this might not work for everyone, I find it helpful to have multiple projects underway at different stages. I generally have the following on … More Eight tips for writing from first draft to finished manuscript

The price of books

Last week I read an interesting article by Mark Coker, the founder of Smashwords, on what he expects to be the big publishing trends in 2017. Smashwords is an online platform for distributing independently published e-books. As such, the article has a strong focus on the year’s forecast for the indie book market, and in … More The price of books


What I want to say tonight is this: Every writer needs an angel, crouching near them as they work, batting away disturbances and doubts, and whispering for now, this is enough as the words bleed onto the page. I imagine mine is a scrawny thing, pot-bellied, scruffily feathered, and no bigger than my tea-cup. But … More Angel

The Blog is Back

The thing about a break is it gives you a new perspective. I’ve been thinking about where I was when I started when paper met pen in August 2015, and how much I’ve learned since then about writing, about the process of pitching and dealing with publishers, and about the book community more broadly. Learning … More The Blog is Back